Income Development

Harbor First is, first and foremost, an income development agency.

Although we offer our clients a full suite of top tier ancilliary products and services, we put our focus on supporting them with the tools, training, and staffing to maximize their income potential.

If you're working directly with your provider, or your agency isn't being the developmental partner you need, then perhaps it's time you sat down and had a conversation with us.


Developmental Services - Tailored to Each Client

  • Monthly F&I Management Roundtable
  • One-on-One In-house Coaching
  • Regular Weekly/Monthly Visits
  • Staffing Assistance (F&I, Management, and Sales)
  • Fixed Operations
  • Administration Review
  • Management Communication
  • In-store Delivery Audits
  • Reviews / Analysis of Deal Worksheets and Deal Jackets
  • Claims Reporting (30-60-90)
  • Monthly Summary Reports For All Levels of Management

Hiring Winners (more info)

  • Developed Specifically for the Automotive Industry
  • Reduces the Costly Guess Work in Hiring New Personnel
  • Matches Natural Talents to Specific Positions
  • Helps to Greatly Reduce Turnover
  • Increases the Flow and Quality of Job Applicants
  • Develops a Systematic Approach to Recruiting and Hiring Top Performers

Digital Marketing Partner

  • Complete Analysis and Review of Your Online Presence
  • Implementation of New Technologies and Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Technical Training
  • Continuous Monitoring and Adjustments Based on Analytical Data

Merchant Account Consulting (more info)

  • Analysis of Your Current Merchant Account and Rates
  • Working with Your Provider to Lower Rates and Eliminate Fees
  • Migration to a New Provider if Necessary