Harbor First is in the continual cycle of ensuring our clients are always improving their income levels.  Sometimes, to accomplish this goal, it requires working with them to help reduce spending.

Merchant accounts, and the credit card processing fee structures that accompany them, are likely the most complex expense in a dealership.  In fact, it can be stated that no two are completely alike. 

We work with a processing expert who spent years working in the industry building accounts.  He has now switched sides and uses his inside industry knowledge and experience to service our clients’ accounts by “86ing” unnecessary fees and lessening costs down to their minimums.


The process is simple:

After reviewing your current statements provided by your merchant account, we’ll offer you a free assessment to determine the savings potential. 

After agreeing to allow us to represent you, we will renegotiate rates and restructure your fees with your current processor.

This is an ongoing process, as providers will continually try to raise rates and insert new fees.  We’ll monitor your statements every month and provide you with a side-by-side cost comparison calculating your achieved savings to the penny.

Our fee is 100% contingent on savings.  If we’re not able to save you money, then there is nothing owed to us.  In fact, we have a minimum performance requirement stating that if savings are not greater than $500, then there is no payment due to us that month, ensuring that you will only have to compensate us for our services if it is worth your time to do so.