For a dealer, there's a big spectrum between failure and success, and there's a lot of moving parts that will determine where along that spectrum they might land. However, there's one element that has a larger effect than all of the others, and that's the people that work there. From reception to sales, from service to F&I, having great teams throughout the store should be its greatest resource. Building those teams starts with hiring the right people, and the Talent Nest program makes that process more effective.

According to Automotive News, in a National survey of auto dealers, 80% stated that the biggest personnel issue at their stores is "Recruiting the Right New People". When the wrong people are hired they become the largest expense and the biggest liability, but when the right people are hired they become the most valuable asset and a part of the future with that dealership.


Talent Nest has a multi-step process to their program. If you would like a presentation of what this program has done for dealerships, and what it has the potential to do for your business, please contact us. Here are a couple of quick highlights:

When dealers need to hire personnel, they often look towards the pool of active job seekers. With Talent Nest, a dealer can now look beyond the 12% pool of active job seekers, and start recruiting from the 73% pool of other candidates.

Finding prospects is only a part of the process. Now, a dealer needs to use Talent Nest proprietary assessment software to qualify each individual. Results from this program show a much higher PRU with higher scoring applicants.


Do you want more info on Talent Nest? Contact us, and we would be happy to have a discussion.